About Us

About Us

Bondi Yoghurt is a Sydney based, family run business that strives to produce the highest quality yoghurt without using any additives. The family consists of the matriarch, Carolina Lopez, born in Colombia, who runs the business and makes the yoghurt; Chris Pullin, Sydney born-and-raised, a Designer with a penchant for making things with his hands; and Sage, the beautiful young girl that inspires the family every day to fill their lives with joy and happiness.

Like many small businesses, Carolina and Chris’s journey of making yoghurt started in their own little kitchen almost 6 years ago, when after trying many yoghurts in the market and realising that most of the brands are full  preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners and not enough probiotics; the couple decided to start experimenting at home and create their own yoghurt recipe. It took years of research, trial and error, until finally they were happy with their product, created using Natural Ingredients and five different type of probiotics without any preservatives or additives whatsoever. What started as an inspired home made product soon was desired by family and friends; 2 years later Bondi Yoghurt was created as a brand and selling at Bondi Farmers Markets.

Today Bondi Yoghurt not only has Natural Yoghurt but also the most an unique Coconut Yoghurt on the market, both being sold at different Health Food stores, grocers and also cafes and restaurants that use our yoghurts in their dishes.

Why is Bondi Yoghurt so unique?

With so many brands of yoghurt on the market it is hard to decided which one to buy. Let us tell you why Bondi Yoghurt is so unique and why you should start including it in your daily diet:

  • Our yoghurts are made with 100% Natural Ingredients, no added preservatives, thickeners, additives, sugar, or sweeteners.
  • We make our yoghurts with 5 different types of probiotics for improved gut health, (many brands only use 3 types of bacteria).
  • Our yoghurts are incubated (kept warm for the bacteria to grow) for more than 6h at controlled temperatures, meaning that the live cultures have more time to multiply, thereby increasing the quality of bacteria and acids in the yoghurt while decreasing the lactose (in the case of the Natural Yoghurt).
  • Our yoghurts are pot set, which means there is no need to transfer the yogurt into another jar, a process that can destroy the consistency or structure.
  • Bondi Natural Yoghurt is made with 100% jersey milk which is source from the Warrnambool region, in south western Victoria. The cows freely roaming in the pasture, they are grass fed, and no hormones or vaccines used in the milk sold to retailers. The specific milk has won numerous prizes for best milk over the years.
  • Bondi Coconut Yoghurt is made with 100% coconut flesh, coconut water, and 5 types of probiotics.
  • Bondi Yoghurt is locally made (if you’re reading this in Sydney!), contributing to the community, and reducing your dietary carbon footprint.
  • It is made in glass jars, which is healthier for your body due to no plastic leaching into your food, reduces the amount of plastic in circulation, and just makes for a better yoghurt. We encourage our clients to either recycle and/or reuse over and over; a great way to reduce our plastic footprint on the planet.


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