About Us

Bondi Yoghurt was born in a local family kitchen in Bondi.

It was created from a simple idea, to produce a traditional yoghurt with all-natural ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, and loaded with gut-helping probiotics.

After years of experimenting with recipes and research, what started as an inspired home-made yogurt for family and friends quickly became a fridge staple in many households.

Bondi Yoghurt launched at  iconic Bondi Farmers Markets in 2012 and quickly grew into a much loved retail brand available across selected stores throughout NSW.

Today, we not only produce our signature 100% Australian Jersey Milk Yoghurt but also the most unique 100% Coconut Yoghurt on the market.

Join us on our journey….
Why is Bondi Yoghurt so unique?
  • Our yoghurts are made with 100% Natural Ingredients, free from preservatives and thickeners.
  • We use 5 different types of probiotics for improved gut health,
  • Our yoghurts are pot set and incubated for 5 hours
  • Bondi Natural Yoghurt is made with 100% Australian jersey milk.
  • Bondi Coconut Yoghurt is made with 100% coconut flesh, coconut water, and 5 types of probiotics.
  • Bondi Yoghurt is family run, locally made in Sydney, contributing to the community.